Few high incomes in Germany

Of the 38.4 million German tax payers – married persons most often only count once – 182,000, or less than 0.48%, have a gross income of >= € 250.000. In "Hochsteuerländern"1) salaries are most often insufficient to become a HNWI. As a result, the absolute majority of private banking clients and prospects outside of Switzerland are Business Owners.

Source: Statistisches Bundesamt, Wiesbaden 2009 – Artikelnummer: 2140710049005 – Fachserie 14 Reihe 7.1 / Total: 35.020.509 subjects to 2004 income tax with positive income (of 82.501.000 residents; persons with joint tax liability count as one subject) 1) „Hochsteuerländer“ = Swiss German term for high tax countries